About MGM Designs
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MGM Designs offers handcrafted jewelry that is chic, classy, and customizable. We began this business with the premise that customers should be part of the creative process involved in designing their own jewelry. Therefore, every piece of jewelry we sell is customizable. You can choose elements such as: clasp styles, type of metals used, and jewelry length. Because we want you to be satisfied with your purchase(s), we welcome your involvement. When you buy from MGM Designs, we want you to be proud that you had a hand in designing your jewelry.  

If you would like a truly unique design, we offer you the opportunity to create Custom JewelryThis can include bridal jewelry that matches your colors and any other ideas you may have.  Your jewelry should be uniquely yours.

MGM Designs is here to assist you with all your jewelry Repairs & Restringing needs. We offer restringing of pearls or other beaded items, replacing jump rings, clasps, and many other minor repairs. 

MGM Designs offers our customers the chance to host Jewelry PartiesThis is a great way to earn FREE jewelry and have some fun with friends and family. If you are local, we invite you to host a party where MGM Designs jewelry is displayed.  Or you can host jewelry class parties where your guests create their own jewelry. We also offer online jewelry parties, in which you invite others to shop online during a set period of time. Click on the link above to learn more and sign up. 

We are located in Baltimore, Maryland. You are always welcome to come by our showroom; please Contact Us to make an appointment.