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Purple & Pink Earrings Amazonite & Pearls Bracelet Red Crystals Earrings
Purple & Pink Earrings
As Shown: $17.00
Amazonite Bracelet
As Shown: $25.00
Red Crystals Earrings
As Shown: $13.00
Amethyst Chips, Rose Quartz & Freshwater Pearls 
Amazonite Gemstones & White Freshwater Pearls
Red Crystals, Glass Pearls & Silver Beads Earrings
Cloisonne Loop Earrings Teal Foil Necklace Purple Heart Necklace
Cloisonne Loop Earrings
As Shown: $17.00
Teal Foil Necklace
Original Price: $37.00
Now On Sale! $15.00
You save $22.00!
Purple Heart Necklace
Original Price: $38.00
Now On Sale! $20.00
You save $18.00!
Blue & Green Cloisonne & Teal Freshwater Pearls 
Teal Lampwork & Glass Pearls Necklace
Purple & Black Crystals With Heart Drop Necklace
Blue Lampwork Earrings White Pearl Earrings Twisted Hearts Earrings
Blue Lampwork Earrings
As Shown: $18.00
White Pearl Earrings
As Shown: $20.00
Twisted Hearts Earrings
As Shown: $40.00
Blue Lampwork, Glass Pearls & Filigree Beads 
White Freshwater Pearls & Silver Rondelles Earrings
Handmade Heart Dangles & Mauve Freshwater Pearls